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Vince Malfitano


Vince Malfitano is a happily married father of 5 children. After a career of more than 25 years in the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, Vince entered the field of criminal defense. His years as a Prosecutor were a “proving ground” for his trial skills and he now joins the defense team at Gigliotti Law Group.

Vince graduated from University of Delaware in 1985. Thereafter, in 1989, he earned his law degree from Widner Law School.

Vince was offered a position as a Prosecutor immediately upon his graduation from law school and joined the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office in 1989. Vince made a career of the Prosecutor’s Office and retired proudly in 2015 after more than 25 years service. Having planned his career carefully, Vince immediately began his defense practice and joined the team at Gigliotti Law Group in 2016. Vince’s approach as a defense attorney is comprehensive and methodical. His vast trial experience gives him the ability to posture any case for the best possible result. Vince has the knowledge and courtroom experience needed to develop effective strategies, challenge the quality and admissability of the Prosecution’s evidence and collect and preserve all exculpatory evidence.

Vince understands the fear and anxiety you are experiencing and he will take the necessary time to explain the charges against you, the possible consequences involved and the defense strategies that may be utilized in your case.

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