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If you have been convicted of any crime which requires you to register as a lifetime sex offender, you are subject to Megan’s Law. The initial battleground under Megan’s Law lies in the “Tier Classification.” Gigliotti Law Group has extensive experience in Megan’s Law cases and has the skill and expertise necessary to challenge the prosecution’s determination of your proposed “Tier Classification,” and will present any and all mitigating factors to ensure the lowest possible “Tier Classification” for your offense. Your “Tier Classification,” is critical and determines the level and degree of your reporting and registration requirements, as well as the possibility of neighborhood and internet reporting, under Megan’s Law.

Although it is called lifetime registration, a person may apply for termination of their Megan’s Law supervision after a period of 15 years from the completion of your sentence.

Our team has the experience to aggressively represent you in seeking your termination from this intrusive program.

Megan’s Law parole officers often conduct themselves in alarmingly intrusive ways. It is not uncommon for registered offenders to feel harassed and frustrated at being unable to live their lives as they deem appropriate without constant and oppressive intrusion by the government. This includes the inability to reside with biological children, as well as step children. Our Cherry Hill Megan’s Law lawyers have the experience and know-how necessary to fight back on your behalf.

If you are a registered sex offender, you may desire to leave the State of New Jersey or even move to a foreign country. Our team of Camden child pornography lawyers has the experience to successfully file these applications on your behalf.

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