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Buses can be helpful vehicles in everyday life. They allow for transportation to everyone from students to senior citizens. Unfortunately, despite how safe they are, and because of the size of buses and the amount of passengers they carry, any accident has a high probability that multiple people can be injured in the process. Not only do drivers have to worry about the size and weight of the vehicle, but also the passengers who remain seated or move throughout during transit.

Not only is rolling over a concern, but general collisions can be as dangerous, or even fatal. Some buses come equipped without seatbelts or airbags, which can cause broken bones and severe physical trauma, and even people being thrown out of windows if there are no restraints.

Filing a Claim

In the case of bus accidents, filing a claim isn’t very easy, and the only way it could be is if the driver of the car involved in the accident was at fault. If the driver of the bus or the bus company is at fault, you’d have to identify the agency responsible for the claim, which involves going through a lengthy investigation with possible appeals and denials. When making a claim, you must identify who it is being made against, including the details of the accident, and the information of the person making the claim. If the claim isn’t filed before the deadline, it can halt weeks of progress, or even cancel it entirely.

Because of the amount of ways a party could be responsible for the accident, filing an accurate, effective claim is crucial. Reasons ranging from sleepy drivers, to ill-trained drivers, to poor bus maintenance are all valid causes for an accident. If the drivers are found to be violating local laws, they can be held personally responsible.


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