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Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycles can be a fun method of transport, and may easily appeal to those who seek to live a life of excitement. Unfortunately, the statistics around motorcycle accidents can be very unappealing, and are much more serious than a typical automobile accident.

Most motorcycle accidents are not caused by the motorcyclist, but rather other drivers that don’t take the necessary precautions and don’t look out for those on smaller vehicles. A motorcycle is more susceptible to damage due to the lack of a steel frame surrounding the driver, which is typical in other automobiles. They also don’t have as much protection when faced with possible collision, besides a jacket and a helmet, so the probability of a severe injury or death is higher.


For all automobile drivers, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to make sure everyone on the road has a safe experience. Motorcyclists, however, have separate precautions they can take to make sure they’re prepared in case something goes wrong.

  • Motorcyclists should always be wearing a government-approved, non-reflective helmet, with at least four inches of reflective tape adhered to both sides.
  • If the helmet does not have a wind screen, motorcyclists must use approved goggles or other type of face shield.
  • Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear leather riding suits to provide maximum protection between skin and road, in case of an accident.
  • Gloves, pants, jackets, and boots are also encouraged to act as protection from motorcycle injuries.
  • Bright colors, whether in clothes or on the bike itself, are encouraged to enhance the visibility of you and your bike.

Failure to follow laws regarding helmets and other required safety equipment can heavily impact your chances of a successful claim. This goes for both the driver and passenger.

Dangers on the Road

There are many things that could act as a danger to motorists while on the road, but with a motorcycle license comes responsibility and extra awareness. Sharing a lane with a car or fellow motorcyclists can be done, but it increases the chances of a multi-vehicle accident occurring, if surrounding entities are not careful.

Weather and road hazards also pose a threat to motorcyclists, and can include pot holes, faded lines on the road, decreased visibility during sunrise/sunset, and slippery surfaces. It is up to the motorcyclists to be aware of these hazards, and to operate at a comfortable and appropriate skill level.

Licensing, Registration& Inspection

New Jersey state laws require all motorcyclists to have a state-issued license and motorcycles that are insured and registered. Inspections are also crucial to the state of a motorcycle, and include, but are not limited to, inspections of gas, brakes, tires, handles, stoplights, headlights, suspension, reflectors, and exhaust systems. If a motorcycle involved in an accident is not properly inspected or functioning, it could affect the outcome of your claim.

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