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Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and falls, also known as trip and falls, often occur when a property owner or manager fails to keep property environments clean and safe. It is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure accessible areas are free of puddles, debris, wet surfaces, and other potentially dangerous states, which can result in a slip and fall accident. These accidents are most often associated with property liability claims, but can also include accidents caused by inadequate wiring and construction, which would turn it into a premise liability claim.

Common Locations and Causes

Slip and falls can occur most anywhere where accessible ground is unkempt. These include, but are not limited to, stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and all retail establishments. They can occur on any type of property, be it private, public, government, or rental property.

These accidents can happen due to a variety of causes. Some of the more common causes include ice and snow, loose and broken handrails, damaged sidewalks, pavements, and curbs, wet floors, sinkholes, and absent manhole covers.

Questions and Concerns

Slip and falls can result in a variety of personal injuries, which include brain, head, neck, and back injuries, broken bones, nerve damage, fractures, muscle strains, ligament and joint injuries, paralysis, amputations, burns, and scars. Luckily, depending on where your accident occurred, the property insurance based on where you fell can provide benefits to you while you are injured.

These types of cases can be hard to handle by yourself, but Gigliotti Law Group have your back. These types of cases require immediate legal action in order to assess the property insurance, as well as gather photographs and evidence of the scene and preserve the integrity of the evidence in order to make sure we can file a successful claim.

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