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Train accidents can be one of the most devastating accidents, due to the size of the train, the speed at which it may be traveling, and the amount of passengers onboard. Train accidents can result in wrongful death and personal injury, and we at Gigliotti Law Group can help you in the recovery process if you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident and are suffering from overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, death, disfigurement, and permanent paralysis.We look at train accidents including local commuter trains, commercial passenger trains, and cargo trains.

Types of Accidents

Types of train accidents include:

  • Derailments. Derailing means trains can overturn or collide with objects outside the track pathway and can be caused by negligence, overbearing weight, faulty railroad ties, improper equipment, failed inspections, and loose objects and debris on the tracks.
  • Collisions between trains. When tracks aren’t properly switched, or switched on time, the result can be a collision between two trains. This can also occur due to damaged tracks or negligent drivers. The damage done to people on both trains is usually severe.
  • Collisions with cars and trucks. These often occur at railroad crossings because of negligent car and truck drivers, because trains have the right of way at railroad crossings. These can also be due to non-functioning gates and signals, no audible warnings, no vehicle warning lights, poor visibility and vehicles positioned too close to tracks. When these accidents happen, the train and vehicle passengers may be able to file claims against multiple parties.
  • Collisions with pedestrians. These almost always result in wrongful death, as a pedestrian has no protection against a moving train.

Determining the Issues

Train accidents are much more involved than typical motor vehicle collisions. South Jersey train accident lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group will determine who is responsible and should be sued, which laws apply in a situation (including federal, state, and local laws), the cause of the accident, including how it happened and how it could’ve been prevented, and we will even coordinate the case with all involved victims and investigators, where there are usually multiple victims.

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