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Skilled Criminal Attorneys,
Fearless Negotiators.
“We Bite Back.”

We Know These Waters.

Criminal Attorneys of Southern New Jersey

Serving Camden County, Burlington County & Gloucester County

Gigliotti Law Group is a dynamic team of South Jersey criminal lawyers with more than 55 years of combined experience. Our team is comprised of highly skilled negotiators and litigators who have a proven track record of winning acquittals, dismissals and sentence reductions for our clients.

As former prosecutors, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to successfully defend clients against a variety of criminal charges, including DUI/DWI, drug charges including marijuana, sex crimes, assault charges, burglary, arson and white collar crimes. Having been on both sides of the courtroom, we know what it takes to win and how to derail the prosecution’s case. We also successfully represent many clients in detention hearings, appeals, and record expungements.

A criminal conviction can have very serious and far-reaching consequences. It is crucial to your case and your future that you call Gigliotti Law Group as soon as possible if you have been charged, or if you are being investigated in connection with a crime in New Jersey. If you decide to hire our firm, you’ll have our team of top South Jersey criminal lawyers at your side every step of the way.

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Don’t risk your freedom with an unknown, inexperienced lawyer. Trust our experience, our reputation and our proven track record. Gigliotti Law Group will work tirelessly to provide the best possible defense for your case.

Contact us online or call 844-SHARK 911 (856-651-7685) for a free consultation with a reputable and experienced Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer at our firm. The law offices of Gigliotti Law Group is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and our attorneys represent clients throughout South Jersey, including Camden County, Burlington

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a violent or nonviolent crime, our former prosecutors will fight for you.

Sex Crimes

We understand the severity of sex crime charges and will defend you aggressively.


Our team will thoroughly analyze your case and prepare a vigorous DWI defense for you.

Domestic Violence

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Cherry Hill




South Jersey

Why You Need A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

Our attorneys have experience as former prosecutors, meaning we can anticipate the prosecution’s strategy, identify weaknesses and prepare an effective defense. With time spent on both sides of the courtroom, we have gained unique insight that can give us the edge when representing your case. We have also built relationships with and earned the respect of judges and prosecutors throughout South Jersey, as well as forensic experts and other legal professionals.

We’re proud of our proven track record of winning acquittals, dismissals and sentence reductions for clients. However, while we are always ready to defend you within the courtroom, not every criminal case goes before a judge and jury. We have also successfully represented many clients for detention hearings, appeals and record expungements. When you need help, contact Gigliotti Law Group to learn how we can support you.

Ross Gigliotti

Criminal Attorney Ross Gigliotti

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