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Ross Gigliotti has a reputation in the legal community as a skillful criminal and DWI trial attorney. Seasoned in the courtroom with a career spanning more than 25 years, Ross proudly served as Voorhees Township’s Prosecutor from 1997 through 2000. This experience has given Ross an exceptional ability to focus his entire career on defending criminal and DWI matters.

Originally from Cherry Hill, Ross graduated from Rutgers University in 1987. Thereafter, he received his legal training at Rutgers Law School, having earned his law degree in 1990. Ross founded his own law firm in 1992, when he made criminal and DWI trial work his singular focus. A brief foray into the political arena led Ross to candidacy for Camden County Freeholder in 1995 and Mayor of Voorhees in 1996. Finding trial work much more interesting and challenging, Ross abandoned politics to build his firm and he continued to evolve as a criminal and DWI trial attorney.

Ross’s approach to defense work is vigorous and aggressive. He has the knowledge and experience needed to effectively utilize strategy to place his clients in the strongest position for the best possible result. Ross ensures that all cases are properly investigated so that all exculpatory evidence is collected and preserved. He is acutely aware that good, old-fashioned preparation is the trial attorney’s most invaluable tool for his client’s defense.

Ross Gigliotti’s formula for success is simple:

“A passion for protecting the rights of his clients and the talent for achieving extraordinary results”

Speak to Ross Gigliotti 24/7 at 844-742-7591 for a free consultation with a top South Jersey criminal lawyer. He understands the fear and anxiety you are experiencing and Ross will take the time to carefully explain he charges against you, the possible consequences involved, the defense strategies that may be utilized in your case and reasonable payment options to secure his services as your defense attorney. Learn more by visiting Gigliotti Law Group or contact us online.