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Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyers


New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division

The Superior Court of New Jersey, which is present in each county, is the trial division of our Court system. It is at this level that a defendant would either enter into a guilty plea or have a trial, which may result in a conviction. After being sentenced in a criminal matter, there is only 45 days available to you to file an appeal to the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division. Therefore, it is extremely important to contact Gigliotti Law Group immediately if you feel that your plea or conviction was either erroneous or a poor decision on your part.

Gigliotti Law Group has a very talented legal research and writing appeals team. Members of this division focus their practice almost exclusively on Fourth Amendment issues which involve the lawfulness of search and seizures.

New Jersey Supreme Court

If you need an attorney to bring your case before the New Jersey State Supreme Court, our firm has the skill and experience necessary to present an effective legal brief in your defense and engage the Supreme Court in vigorous oral argument. Our firm is responsible for one of the most significant recent Fourth Amendment New Jersey Supreme Court decisions which decided the rules and procedures that dictate the manner in which police officers can search automobiles.

South Jersey Criminal Lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group Are Experienced in Appellate Law

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