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If you are charged with a crime of any sort in South Jersey—be it a traffic offense or violent crime—it can have a severe effect on your future. Aside from any potential jail time, a conviction for a crime can affect your credit, your insurance payments, and your opportunities for employment.

At Gigliotti Law Group, our Camden criminal lawyers understand the feeling of hopelessness that can follow a charge for a crime. However, with skilled legal counsel, you can fight back.

When you are charged with a crime in South Jersey, time is of the essence, so contact us today. Our experienced counsel has a successful track record of defending against a myriad of charges, including the ones listed below.


Individuals who are charged with a drug offense in South Jersey should be aware of their Fourth Amendment rights. If any narcotics were confiscated during an illegal search and seizure, they may be invalid in a legal proceeding. We will read every detail of your case, fastidiously checking to see if your rights were violated. We have successfully defended individuals charged with:

At Gigliotti Law Group, we support rehabilitation over punishment, and will do whatever we can to advocate for counseling over jail time for those charged with a drug crime in Camden.


If you have been charged with a non-violent crime, know that the consequences can be more severe for repeat offenders or those on probation. Our Camden criminal lawyers have defended against charges of:


For even first-time offenders, a violent crime conviction can have devastating, far-reaching effects. It is important to speak to legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure that all proceedings are done properly and legally. We have successfully defended individuals who have been charged with violent crimes, including:

Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics comes with steep penalties. Fines, suspended licenses, and higher insurance costs can plague an individual. Additionally, a DUI/DWI can negatively impact a job search. Many individuals charged with a DUI find defending it a useless endeavor, which is not true. With skilled legal counsel, you can avoid the far-reaching effects of a DUI.


White collar crimes can affect one’s future in the business world. A breach in business ethics or a misuse of funds can come with severe penalties, as jail time is common if one is convicted. Our lawyers have successfully defended individuals who have been charged with: