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Cherry Hill Expungement Lawyers: Expungement for a Felony

By October 20, 2016June 6th, 2024blog

Living with a criminal record can hamper your ability to secure a job, rent a house or apartment, or build meaningful relationships with others. This can make it feel like your sentence continued even after you completed its terms. Depending on your circumstances, having your record expunged could be a viable option. Cherry Hill expungement lawyers report that this process removes charges or convictions from a criminal record.

It is possible to have a disorderly persons offense or a felony expunged from your record. Due to the severity of the charge, having a felony expunged requires a longer waiting period and may require more effort than having a disorderly persons offense expunged. If you are considering having a felony charge or conviction expunged from your record, familiarize yourself with the expungement process and work with an experienced lawyer who can help you through it.

Expunging a Felony in New Jersey

First, you need to determine if you are eligible to have your felony expunged. Certain offenses, such as terrorism, perjury, offenses related to child pornography and human trafficking, and certain motor vehicle offenses cannot be expunged.

To seek an expungement, at least 10 years must have passed since you completed the terms of your sentence. In some cases, such as those whereby the terms have been completed within five years and the individual has shown good character since the completion of the terms, this waiting period may be shortened to five years. You must also not have any charges currently pending and your record may not also contain more than one other felony conviction and two disorderly persons convictions.

The Process for Expungement

If you meet the criteria above, work with an experienced expungement lawyer to obtain an expungement kit. This is a file that contains all the paperwork you need to fill out and submit to seek an expungement. This process can take a few months to complete. Once you have your expungement kit, your attorney can walk you through the process.

Cherry Hill Expungement Lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group Can Help You in the Expungement Process

If you are considering seeking an expungement in New Jersey, work with a lawyer who can help your expungement proceed smoothly and ultimately, help it be successful. Fill out our online form or call 844-742-7591 to set up your free consultation with the Cherry Hill expungement lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group. We proudly represent clients from all over South Jersey, including Gloucester County, Mercer County, Burlington County, and Camden County.