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Cherry Hill Expungement Lawyers: Crimes Eligible for Expungement

By October 10, 2016June 6th, 2024blog

criminal record can have a severely detrimental impact on one’s life. It may seem like the mistakes of the past will never go away. Fortunately, for many crimes, expungement is an option. Expungement is the partial or complete elimination of a crime on a record. Cherry Hill expungement lawyers state that after the process most employers will not be able to see any charges on a record. However, it is important to understand that not every crime is eligible for expungement, and there are multiple factors which can make expungement more or less likely.

Situations in Which Expungement is Unlikely

Expungement can be impeded for a variety of reasons. One particular obstacle to expungement is any crime which has multiple offenses. Single-offense crimes are far more likely to be expunged. In addition, more severe crimes often do not qualify for expungement at all. Such offenses are generally felony, violent crimes such as rape, child molestation, or other offenses of a sexual nature or directed toward a child.

Crimes which can Frequently Be Expunged

 Generally, crimes that are more likely to be expunged are disorderly persons offenses or misdemeanors. Additionally, if an expungement request is made after some time has passed since the offender’s conviction, then it is more likely that expungement will be the result. Expungement occurs after whatever sentence or punishment was given has been served – whether it is jail time, probation, or some other form of punishment.

Expungement of Drug Crimes and Juvenile Crimes

Drug crimes can be expunged particularly often. Generally, individuals convicted of drug crimes are encouraged to enroll in diversion programs. These programs often offer the expungement of records of the drug crime once they have been completed. Additionally, juvenile crimes can generally be expunged fairly simply. Once the offender has turned 18 and has otherwise stayed out of trouble with the law, the offense can generally be overturned without much trouble.

Cherry Hill Expungement Lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group Push for Expungement of Crimes in New Jersey

If you or someone that you know was convicted of a crime in New Jersey that you feel is eligible for expungement, the Cherry Hill expungement lawyers at Gigliotti Law Group are ready to help. Contact us online or call 844-SHARK 911 (844-742-7591) for a free consultation. Our offices are located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We represent clients throughout South Jersey, including Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, and Mercer County.