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Complex White Collar Crimes

Complex white collar crimes take several very distinct forms. They involve computer fraud, securities fraud, investment schemes and other types of large scale fraud. A successful defense of these types of crimes requires aggressive negotiating and litigating by South Jersey criminal defense lawyers who have substantial experience in these fields.

In these kinds of cases, the prosecution often seeks to overwhelm the defense with documentary evidence, such as financial statements and bank records. In crimes which allege the use of computers to commit fraudulent acts it is important that you have a lawyer with the knowledge and expertise to work closely with forensic experts, in order to vigorously challenge all aspects of the state’s case.

Gigliotti Law Group has over 20 years of experience in handling these types of cases in both state and federal court.

Michael W. Kahn, Esquire has successfully defended significant large scale fraud cases. Mr. Kahn also defended a person charged in a $140 million tax fraud case in an extremely long federal trial. That defense ended with a not guilty verdict. Also, one of the associates connected with our firm is a retired career Prosecutor with a lifetime of experience in prosecuting complex litigation.

Other associate members together with Mr. Kahn have successfully represented defendants in federal court for several decades.

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